Friday, 30 March 2012

Wine Friday: HELLBENT

Such a cool label! Almost blank label with simple black and red lettering upside down at the bottom - HELLBENT. After a bit of a long week, the name was enough to entice me into purchasing this wine, even though it surpassed the designed budget. But to hell with it, I was hellbent on having a nice friday night! 

Unfortunately for me, nice was out of the question. 

The wine, "sniff, sniff", was, "snuffle, cough", OFF...
Crap. Really? Maybe not, lets try again... Oh yea, that's off... Crap.

Well I gave it a solid try, almost convinced myself that the wine was just really terrible, but couldn't make a go of it, it was most definitely off.  Perhaps the review will happen another night, the label is strong enough, it will probably entice me again...

Well, at least the bottle looks great! Particularly with that really sexy light behind it. More on that this weekend...

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