Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Design: Living Room Lights... Part 1

So, it's settled. I'm working on a new light for the living room. We really only have one light over the dining area and even with the western facing picture window (seriously 10' x4' and single pane - very scary with two little boys that like to press their little hands on it!) it's just too dark these days.

Now, the question is, can I make something that gains a  positive from the household critics!? We'll see...

So, with this in mind I did a little design research, then discussed it with my oldest boy Keiran (4 years old). We decided it should be something out of wood for the warmth. Something very simple so that even I can do it, quick, and easily transportable. With this in mind, I drafted up a quick design, and off we went out in pursuit of some materials from the local hardware, lumber, and steel shops around town.

Now, from the pictures, you may see we are picking up a few things that are not necessary for this "oh so simple light." This is because we also had it in mind a few designs for coat hooks that we've been planning...

Helper Keiran
Lunch Break!
Hard at work

Design sketches, as scratchy and simple as they are, will follow...


  1. Looks like you have a real team player in your helper! I love the lunch box! If our house sells your design talents will be anticipated in making any new accomodation as livable as our present one.
    I really liked your seascape concept which shows forward thinking for what may be the new reality with current warming trends.
    While in Arizona I was impressed with how the Indian culture in Sedona used the river and cliff dwellings to meet their needs to survive at that time. Fitting in with Nature seems a better method than struggling against "her" which I feel is a losing battle in the end.

  2. I definitely agree about nature, I think it's only logical that we adapt to the changing environment and world geography. Perhaps the Sea(o2) Scraper is not the best actual method of adaptation, but as an starting point and idea generator I believe it helps bring up the issues we may be facing shortly.

    On a lighter note, the "Pirate Pack" lunch is apparently a Victoria tradition. Several of my coworkers told me I NEED to take Keiran to White Spot restaurant to get him one - they couldn't believe I hadn't yet. Oops, better late than never I guess, and it definitely went over well - he wouldn't let go of the pirate boat for the rest of the day!

    There is nothing I would enjoy more than helping you fit-out/reno any new accommodations you need!