Friday, 18 September 2015

September 5

1. Architecture: 
Loving the design aesthetic of Herbst architects, practicing in Auckland, New Zealand. About a year ago I came across their Under Pohutukawa house, and it definitely caught my eye. Since then they have completed a bunch of gorgeous works, including the Castle Rock house. It brings together all the elements that I love in architecture, beautiful use of natural materials, innovative yet refined details, well proportioned and comfortable spaces, and interesting, but not complicated, massing.

Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects
Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects
Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects
Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects
Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects
Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects
Castle Rock House - Herbst Architects

2. Design: 
Hanging Outdoor Lounge Kodama Zome. Who wouldn’t want to waste a day reading in the beautiful geode hanging in the yard. I would. It reminds me of a (much loved) Dedon Nestrestbut with a Buckminster Fuller styled spin. Love it. 
Kodama Zome 
Kodama Zome
Dedon Nestrest

3. Art:
I found this incredible artist profile short and had to share. The film itself is a well crafted work of art, reinforcing the emotional impact of the subject throughout, and the subject matter is pure, raw, poetry. It captures the beautiful truth of a human condition. Well done. 

Beth Cavener - Sculptor from Bas Berkhout on Vimeo.

4. Music: 
Beautiful brooding and emotional song: London Thunder by Foals, a nice slow burner. Enjoy

5. DesignDad:
I was happy to lend a few brush strokes to the very worthy cause of “Architecture for Kids” - supported by “Art for Kids Trust” the RAIC. Architecture for Kids brings together local architects and K-12 students who, “through hands-on studios, learn more about the power of architecture and the elements that make it an asset to our communities” - RAIC.

The event is an Art by Architects (AxA) Exhibition and Auction - celebrating the artistic talent of emerging and established architects and designers to raise money for the charity. Provided two 10”x10 wood panels and the theme “ArchKIDecture” we were asked to get creative and interpret the theme. An opening reception was held at the AIBC Gallery on September 17, 2015. Artwork will remain on display until November 5, 2015. 

"Inspire" 10"x10", Acrylic on Wood Panel, Jay Meyer

"Reach" 10"x10", Acrylic on Wood Panel, Jay Meyer

Thursday, 6 August 2015

August Five

1 Architecture: 
I was delving into some of my own past lately, researching some of the Architects that I have met or been taught by in the past, and I came across the Tofino House designed by Anthony Robbins. Anthony is a practicing architect, artist, and professor at UBC's School of Architecture whom I had the pleasure of meeting a  few years ago when I had just moved to Vancouver, after graduating from Dalhousie. It was a pleasure meeting him, and it was apparent to me that he had a strong passion for creating, and the creative process.  The Tofino House is a exemplary product of this passion. The house is beautifully sited, has a well developed massing, tight detailing, with sustainable qualities that are built into the house through prefabrication and up-cycling, with a touch of a playful yet sophisticated nature.

2. Design: 
I fell in love with the Duna Lounge Chair from Mula Preta Design. When I was in University I played a fair bit with the laser cutter and CNC machines to develop prototypes for furniture and design items. This chair threw me back to those late night sessions in the CNC room at Dalhousie. Mula Preta Design have created a beautiful piece here, equal parts sculpture and comfortable lounge chair, an incredible balance.

3. Art:
I was captivated  by these GIF’s of animated street art by A.L. Crego - check out more of his work here.

4. Music: 
Anthony and Josephine from Oh Wonder recently released a beautiful new track “Drive”. This is the 12th song from the duo released this year as part of their 1 song/month for a year - more on that here. I look forward to the Album release come September!

5. DesignDad:
Inspired by A.L Crego, I made my own attempt at an animated GIF, using my Monkeymoo and Scruffles characters from one of my pet projects: Night of the Monkeymoo. Part of a fun exploration. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

5 for now...

A few things that I've come across lately that peeked my interest:

1. Tower House - an incredibly fun, explorative, and innovative house by Andrew Maynard Architects, in Alphington Australia.
© Peter Bennetts
© Peter Bennetts

2. An interesting departure from the traditional form of a cabin, Cabin Norderhov is located in Norderhov, Norway - a creative small project by Atelier Oslo.
© Lars Petter Pettersen
© Lars Petter Pettersen

3. Deptford Goth made another great track; "Feel Real"

4. Here is a really great interview with the partners of my all time favourite architecture firms; Fearon Hay Architects.

5. The latest from our own adventures in home improvements:
We recently purchased a house that was previously suited into two units, and thus had a 2nd kitchen. We are taking over the whole house, as our boys need lots of room to romp and play, and we are slowly turning the second kitchen into a media/tv room. It's been great fun experience so far - tearing out the existing cabinetry, capping the plumbing and electrical, a little framing and drywall, lots of patching, and painting, and now finally about to install some carpet. During the whole process, the room was still used as the TV room, so the boys have seen every stage as we've progressed. I think they will be very happy to get the cozy carpet down, but I have to say they are such happy-go-lucky little creatures that have been intrigued in the entire process without complaint.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Another Happy Fathers Day

I'll admit it; I am lucky. 
I have two remarkable little boys who take up massive amounts of my time, massive amounts of my love, and throw it all back at me tenfold.
Being a father is amazing journey, and I get to travel it with these two little monkeys.
The brothers. They are the essence of my heart and soul.  

Seriously! What a couple of imps!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

M-RAD: Fresh Hills

While I was attending Dalhousie, getting my masters in Architorture, I had a partner in crime with whom I had an spectacular amount of fun; Matthew Rosenberg, founder of the LA based design office M-RAD. Getting into all the kinds of trouble one really should, and some that one shouldn't, we supported each others Scotch habits, and helped each other make it through the late night x-acto blade and super glue marathons that are so prevalent in architecture school. Sadly, our time together was cut short (perhaps for the best), when he moved on to pursue his masters of architecture at SCI-Arc, whereas I stayed on at Dal. Needless to say, we've stayed in touch over the years, and recently I was happily impressed with an outstanding achievement of his, when he received second place in the Fresh Kills Land Art Generator Competition

His project Fresh Hills for Fresh Kills was not only conceptually strong, but a beautiful, poetic response to the site, and so I felt the need to share it with you.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Inventive: Thread Wrapped Furniture

I came across the video below earlier today. I have seen the furniture by Anton Alvarez, but I had not previously seen the process by which it is made. It is by far one of the most interesting process driven designs I've seen in a while. 

With thread and glue replacing standard joints and screws, the process by which the furniture is built is fascinating and uses a custom-made machine designed by Alvarez. Aside from the really cool inventiveness of the machine to wrap the string while adding glue, the aspect that appeals to me is that the process of making this furniture is itself a craft; the craft of thread wrapping, and it's a seemingly new craft at that. 
Check it out...

Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez from Dezeen on Vimeo.

More description and images can be found from Dezeen HERE.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Video: Gloam

I came across this beautifully created short animation, and fell in love with the spooky yet gentle woodland creature Gloam. I can't wait to show my boys tonight, we've got plans to design/build a pint-sized haunted house out of cardboard boxes in order to begin prepping for Halloween. This movie will provide a great ending to the night, we'll sit in our newly created haunted house eating cookies while listening to the fire crackle in the background. Sounds like a perfect October night to me, good thing everything always goes according to plan when little children are involved...

Hhmmm, Better keep my fingers crossed.

Gloam from We Are The Forest on Vimeo.

Follow the link here to see the 'behind the scenes' shot breakdown. I'm always fascinated by process, and it was really interesting to see.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Life Moves Fast...

What an amazing week we've had. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes by with the day to day, but when you're more busy that usual it just flies. This past week was definitely no exception to the rule for us. The start of October is a busy time for us here; Keiran's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Grammy's birthday, throw into that mix a John Fogerty concert and a head shave fundraiser and its a whirlwind!

The night everything really ramped up I received a last minute phone call from Carl, Loreen's brother, inviting me to see John Fogerty as Carl's wife wouldn't be able to make it. SWEET! (Sorry Nicole) What an amazing show! We were witness to almost every major hit he ever had, and he's still got a voice of gold, with skills on the guitar that would give Jimi Hendrix shivers.

The very next day was Keiran's birthday party. Talk about an awesome affair, with 15 pint sized party troopers being granted superhero status after graduating from a rigorous training program. As usual, Keiran's mother went a little 'overboard' on the prep work (a standard carried by Cahoon Ladies I've been told), she made an amazing cake (with a little Photoshop help from me, and a rice paper and edible ink printer), a buffet of food fit for a small wedding, custom capes and masks for all the little hero's, and goody bags packed with an assortment of superhero fuels. Fun. Exhausting. Memories were made.

Birthday Morning

How Old!?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

VIDEO: Ai Weiwei: NEVER SORRY [Trailer]

This will be an amazing film.

Ai Weiwei, hero to millions, is China's most famous artist/political activist/designer. In the film he gives the inside story to his work and life while striving to make a positive change through his art and social media in China. Though Chinese authorities have shut down his blog, held him in secret detention, beat him, and most recently destroyed his new studio, he will not stop battling to speak out against the ongoing problems in China. Journalist Alison Klayman directs the film and provides unique insight into contemporary China, and the country's most outspoken critic.

I am very much looking forward to seeing this film! Enjoy the trailer...

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry OFFICIAL TRAILER from Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry on Vimeo.